Christina Tracy Stein is a Speaker, Author and Therapist. She is has a private practice in Santa Monica, California where she specializes in empowering woman to reignite their passion and teaches couples how to take the monotony out of monogamy.
With her enthusiasm for facilitating personal growth and awareness, Christina focuses on helping individuals and couples discover their strengths and accomplish their goals, leading to a more inspiring life. Christina helps both men and women awaken their desire, giving them greater self-confidence and empowering them in their lives. She also works with couples to create greater intimacy and teaches them how to light a spark that creates anticipation and excitement in their relationships.
Christina strongly believes that all people deserve to enjoy their sexual vitality and she knows that relationships can become monotonous over time and that the answer is not giving up, but simply choosing to reignite the passion. She can show you how.

Christina works collaboratively with her clients as a therapist, coach, and facilitator. She works out of her office in Santa Monica, does coaching over the phone and is hired by groups to speak and do private events.