Speaking + Private Events

Learning about sex can and should be fun.  Exploring healthy sexuality and learning how to experience a better connection with yourself and your partner can be more enjoyable, and often more comfortable with your friends.  I do presentations for corporate events, inservice for medical practices, and other professional groups interested in learning more about sexuality. Some of the events that I often present at are birthday parties, bachelorette and re-bachelorette parties, bridal showers, cocktail parties, and women’s luncheons.  I’m passionate about educating, normalizing and generating enthusiasm around a healthy happy sex life.

Here are some popular topics that I present on at private events:

For Women Only:

Let out the Lioness

Are you caught in that whirlwind of trying to excel personally and professionally while at the same time being present at home and attentive towards your partner? With so much focus on maintaining the world around us, too often we lose touch with ourselves and forget to nurture our own sexual vitality.

In this workshop I will teach you how to maintain a strong sense of identity giving you greater self-confidence and making you feel more empowered as a woman. You will discover how to awaken your desire and enthusiasm in yourself and with your partner. You will explore ways to create greater intimacy in your relationship and learn practical skills that will bring excitement and anticipation in both your life and your relationships.

You are sure to leave this hour and half long workshop feeling inspired and empowered!

Evolving out of the Empty Nest

This workshop is designed for women who are recent empty nesters or who are going through a shift in life phase. Children leaving home, aging parents and a renewed focus on the relationship all provoke deep thought and intense emotion. It is an opportunity for women to focus on themselves and reinvent who they are for this next phase.

In this workshop participants will learn to accept change and the evolution of their identity, discover their passion and purpose going forward and embrace the opportunity to fall in love again with their partner.

Cultivating Sexual Desire

This workshop empowers women to feel in control of their sexual desire. Sexual Desire is effected by many things and this workshop teaches participants about the dynamics of sexual desire and what each woman can do to feel more connected to her sexual self so that she becomes more receptive, more enthusiastic and more motivated to experience pleasure in her life, with herself and with her partner.

Sex Education for grown ups: Teaching Sexual Vitality for Women

Most women never have the kind of sex education that teaches them about how their bodies are designed to feel pleasure. In addition a woman’s body changes so frequently that understanding how to maintain sexual vitality as we age is an important part of feeling desirable, confident as a woman, and connected to your sexuality.   This workshop teaches a lot of practical information regarding anatomy, sexual response cycles, hormones, physical changes with age, how to prepare and manage those changes, and the keys to sexual wellness.

Developing a Healthy Sexual Identity

This workshop is designed specifically for young women who are just beginning to understand their sexual identity. The goal of this session is to help young women clarify their values and goals so that they can make purposeful choices in relation to sexual partners. Setting this self-understanding is a crucial foundation for the development of future relationships and feeling confident in navigating and achieving happy healthy early relationships.

For Women Only: Teaching Women how to Understand Men

How can we support and appreciate our partners if we don’t fully understand why they do the things they do. This workshop teaches women about how men think, act and feel about love, life, and work. Participants learn how to better communicate with their partners, how to understand their partners behavior and how to express appreciation in the male language. This is an informative, entertaining workshop that provides a significant amount of practical skills and knowledge to deal with the opposite sex.

 For Men, Women or Both:

Kiss That Frog, How to turn Negatives into Positives in Life and Work

What holds you back? Have you every wondered why no matter how ambitious and organized you are, there is always something that gets in the way of you moving forward. After years of working with clients who struggled to get “unstuck” I coauthored this book about the reasons why people get held back from achieving what they really want and designed the steps to get free from the negatives and transform them into positives. This workshop will identify the common reasons people get stuck and teach participants how to move forward and turn the negatives into positives.

Stand Tall: Finding Balance for Men and Women who want to Succeed Personally and Professionally

Most people have both personal and professional ambitions. The challenge is succeeding in those areas while staying balanced and grounded. This workshop teaches participants how to find their own unique “balance point,” a point in which the actions taken on the outside are in perfect alignment with core values on the inside.   No two people are the same in how they determine their true values and what contributions hold the most meaning to them. Learning to identify what truly matters to you and then designing your life to be a reflection of those values is how we truly achieve success and balance in our lives.

How to talk to your Kids about Sex

The most important thing parents can do to ensure healthy sexuality for their kids is to talk to them about sex. It is often a subject avoided by most parents because it is uncomfortable and parents don’t know what to say. This workshop is designed to teach parents what to say so they can feel comfortable talking to their kids about sex. The goal is to make the often awkward conversation a fun, informative, opportunity to show children that their parents are a source of safe, supportive and accurate information about sex. This workshop can be focused on teaching kids about sex in general and or more specially aimed at a particular age group depending on what is desired. This can also be about mothers and daughters and/or fathers and sons.

Building Intimacy and Partnership in your relationship: Exploring the meaning of touch and learning to appreciate essential male-female differences.

Often in relationships touch is misinterpreted and physical contact, especially non-sexual contact, is incredibly significant in maintaining connection. It’s important for couples to understand the different kinds of touch and to interpret them accurately. Even dialogue about the intention of a touch is a great way to facilitate greater connection. There are 5 kinds of touch: Healing, Affectionate, Sensual, Erotic and Sexual. This workshop teaches participant how to identify and communicate the meaning behind their touch.   This workshop also explores important difference between men and women. Men and women operate and process differently. Our brains function differently. Understanding why and how men operate and how and why women do certain things allows each partner to appreciate that a particular behavior or ritual serves a purpose and is not personal. When someone attaches personal meaning to a behavior it can cause frustration, resentment and disconnection. Understanding why your partner has a rigid bedtime routine or struggles to compartmentalize emotion can actually create greater connection.

The overall goal of this workshop is to change perceptions and interpretations that partner’s have toward one another in order to create an opportunity for deeper more loving connection and appreciation.

For Professionals:

It is my goal to empower you with knowledge.  I know that often people are afraid to share their sexual concerns, but when they do it feels much better to be prepared to answer those delicate questions and offer the kind of information, support and resources that make a difference for your patients.  Contact me and I would be happy to put together a custom presentation that is relevant to your practice or organization.

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