Post Baby Sexual Wellness Consultation

After more then a decade of working with new parents I can tell you that the first year after having a baby can be one of the most challenging times for a relationship. Many couples find themselves disconnected from their sexual intimacy and as a result they often experience a wedge in their relationship and struggle to find their way back to a place of passion and connection.  I have found that a critical time for new parents is the six-week postpartum check up.  The vast majority of new moms who go to their six-week check up find themselves anxious and terrified when their ob-gyn gives them clearance to have sex again.  And, if they are not anxious and terrified, they are just too tired to even think about sex.  This fear and lack of desire is hard to talk about and women often feel embarrassed or believe there is something wrong with them.

Sexual intimacy is a source of vitality for women and a source of connection for couples.  Just because you’ve had a baby doesn’t mean you can’t have a happy, healthy sex life.  Women deserve to experience pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood without losing their connection to their own sexual vitality and couples should be able to start a family without losing their passion and sexual connection.  I have created the post baby sexual wellness consultation to educate and empower you to reclaim your sexual vitality and reinvigorate the passion in your relationship.

In the Post-Baby Sexual Wellness Consultation you (and your partner) will:

  • Learn how the vagina changes during childbirth and what you can do to help support recovery.
  • Discover the effect of hormones on physical vitality, emotional experience, and sexual function.
  • Explore the nature of sexual desire and the effects of postpartum stress on desire and arousal.
  • Become re-aquatinted with the pleasure centers of your body and discover new techniques of foreplay.
  • Learn what you can do to generate enthusiasm for sex even when you are exhausted.
  • Rediscover your confidence in the bedroom.