Sex Therapy + Psychotherapy

Sexual Health and happiness is directly related to your mental health, physical health and relationship satisfaction. When you experience issues in your sexuality there are consequences in all aspects of your life.  Let me help you achieve a healthy sex life.

As a sex therapist my style of therapy is holistic. I strongly believe in the connection between the mind and the body and so my approach combines the use of sex education and collaborative therapy to help clients heal and strengthen that connection.  I know that sexuality cannot be separated from personal well being and relationship satisfaction.  It is incredibly stressful when someone experiences sexual dysfunction or lack of sexual satisfaction.  In can be all consuming and I want to help.

Sex Therapy for Couples

imagesCommon Concerns Couples Have:

  • Lack of desire for sex
  • Different levels of desire for sex
  • Difficulty experience orgasm
  • Difficulty maintaining erections
  • Premature or rapid ejaculation
  • Painful intercourse
  • Lack of Intimacy
  • Sexual pleasure and satisfaction
  • Stress and anxiety around sexual performance
  • Desire to explore fantasies, kink, role-play for enhanced pleasure
  • Desire to explore alternate lifestyles, non-monogamy, & polyamory
  • Learning to communicate sexual wants and needs with partner
  • Understanding sexual anatomy and sexual response systems
  • Infidelity; Repair and forgiveness

Sex Therapy For Men

unknown-2Common Concerns Men Have:                                           

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature/Rapid Ejaculation
  • Sexual Desire Disorders
  • Sexual Abuse/Trauma
  • Sexual Skills & Confidence
  • Body Image

Sex Therapy For Women

Common Concerns Women Have:                                         images-5

  • Low or no Sexual Desire
  • Desire differences with partner
  • Difficulty experience orgasm
  • Lubrication issues
  • Painful intercourse
  • Vaginismus
  • Vulvodynia
  • Sexual Skills & Confidence
  • Body Image
  • Anxiety around sex after baby


As a therapist I believe a significant aspect to your treatment is our relationship. I come from a place of unconditional positive regard and believe that not only are you deserving of living an authentic life, but you are capable of discovering what your truth may be and aligning with it to fulfill your potential. Initially, I think it is important that trust be established in our relationship so that you feel safe and comfortable to share your vulnerabilities with me. Once we have created a solid connection I move into the role of facilitator and together we collaborate and discover your strengths, your passions, and those obstacles that stop you from accomplishing your goals. I strongly believe that therapy is a collaboration and my goal as your therapist is to help you become more self actualized so that you feel empowered in your life and are able to:

  • Create more fulfilling relationships
  • Develop ways to handle stress and anxiety
  • Work through issues that are causing you to feel depressed
  • Have a greater sense of enjoyment, satisfaction and meaning in
    your life
  • Overcome addictive behaviors and self-destructive habits
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Learn to love and appreciate yourself
  • Become re-engaged with life
  • Challenge your self-defeating thoughts
  • Develop healthy coping strategies
  • Understand negative patterns